What can learning finance bring you (online learning)

Gain financial accounting, planning, reporting and analysis skills

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ADVISORS 2015–2021

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Offering Independent Investment Advice, Financial Guidance, and Problem-Solving Since 2012

You’re protective of your finances, so you need to partner with someone who cares about them just as much as you do. Working with an investment management company like Intermics is entrusting your wealth to a team of financial advocates that is bound by a legal duty to act in your best interest. Working with one of our financial planning professionals can help you find financial freedom today and through retirement.

The bottom line is, and always will be with Intermics, that we put your interests ahead of our own. Plain and simple. As fiduciaries, we are legally bound to provide advice and guidance that we believe will be best for you and your finances. We have a duty to seek to avoid conflicts of interest and will disclose any that we cannot avoid. This client-first mentality is woven into our firm culture and influences nearly everything that we do on behalf of our clients, their families, and the foundations and corporations they lead.

Any investment advisor should be offering services such as portfolio evaluation, securities selection, plans for future financial events, and risk assessment. We differ by seeking to understand your goals and your unique financial picture. That way, we can coordinate with your other advisors, such as your CPA and estate attorney, to come up with an investment plan that gives you and your family financial peace of mind well into the future.

We select individual stocks and bonds for our clients, preferring to pick our spots rather than investing in the global markets as a whole or buying bundles of securities that offer limited transparency. We want our clients to consider themselves owners of a business when they own its stock. We believe we are the gate-keepers for your portfolio; it is our role to allow only the highest quality companies in and exercise caution when warranted. We are not chasing the “neighbor’s hot tip,” nor are we trying to time the market. Rather, we are investing in your and your loved ones’ futures.

We want to make your financial planning experience as seamless as possible. Our team takes immense pride in being consistently available to help, communicate, or advise on issues of all shapes and sizes. This includes routine tasks like ensuring Required Minimum Distributions are met, and more complex issues that may arise like sudden liquidity events. We are a boutique financial services firm, so you benefit from partnering with us because we strive to maintain a low client-to-advisor ratio. This allows our team members to devote the proper amount of time and thought to your unique situation, goals, and needs.

Our Financial Services Include
  • Investment

  • Retirement Strategy

  • Stock and Bond Selection

  • Philanthropic Advisory

  • Asset Allocation

  • Financial Planning

  • Financial Literacy

  • Wealth Management

The goal of this course is to apply financial investing and management to your career

  • .A financial toolkit for the modern business environment, enabling you to make more strategic management and business decisions.
  • Be able to understand financial reports, analyze the financial health of any organization, and predict future success.
  • Confidence to contribute to financial discussions and decisions.
  • Invaluable insights from expert faculty and a graduation certificate just for you.

Live webinar with LSE faculty

There will be an Easter egg in the final lesson of the program. Provides you with the opportunity to interact online with LSE and your peers. You'll analyze capstone cases, expand your understanding of what you've learned, have the opportunity to ask questions, and identify next steps you can take to continue learning more about the topics covered in the program.

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This program quickly and efficiently helps you discover, understand and constructively challenge finance and accounting information.


I come from a technical background. Finance and Accounting for the Nonfinancial Executive has really changed my life and gave me the opportunity to read and understand and take strategic decisions from the accounting results and propositions that I've been getting from the finance department. I used to only stop at the balance sheet, the P&L statement but since going to FANE I have been able to go beyond that. Today I'm very comfortable looking at many figures, which is very important for my company.

— Heather Dawson

Fast-paced, highly informative course for individuals from varied non-financial backgrounds. All were able to follow and grasp aspects that were most relevant to them as well as broadening their perspectives on other aspects of accounting and financials.

— SUJAN PATEL,Co-founder of Webprofits

Program Faculty

Profile picture of course faculty DORON NISSIM

Jelena Joffe

Ernst & Young Professor of Accounting and Finance

At Columbia Business School, Nissim teaches MBA, EMBA, MS, and PhD courses in financial accounting, earnings quality, fundamental analyses, valuation, investment management, financial institutions, and research methods. He also serves as the director of three executive education...
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What can learning finance bring you (online learning)

Gain financial accounting, planning, reporting and analysis skills